toddlers and doors - safety tips to employ

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Expanding Your Shower Is A Great Idea

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You probably spend a lot more time in your bathroom than you realize, so it is important to ensure that the time you spend in the space is relaxing and function friendly. If you have an old, outdated, and small shower — you probably are not working towards this goal. Learn why it is a great idea to expand your bathroom and some helpful tips to get you started. Bigger Shower Means More Functions Read More»

Why Your Sectional Door Is Making So Much Noise

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Commercial sectional doors will sometimes generate noises that can be very annoying. Not only that, but they are typically a sign that there is something wrong with your sectional door and it may need repairs. Loud Rattling or Grinding Sectional doors should not create a loud sound when you open or close them. Your workers might find it annoying that the sectional door is grinding or rattling, but this is also a sign that your door is damaged and might need to be repaired. Read More»