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Why Your Sectional Door Is Making So Much Noise

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Commercial sectional doors will sometimes generate noises that can be very annoying. Not only that, but they are typically a sign that there is something wrong with your sectional door and it may need repairs.

Loud Rattling or Grinding

Sectional doors should not create a loud sound when you open or close them. Your workers might find it annoying that the sectional door is grinding or rattling, but this is also a sign that your door is damaged and might need to be repaired. A grinding noise can also mean that your sectional door needs lubrication. Try to identify the door part that is grinding and add more lubrication.


If your sectional door is generating a clinking noise, this is a sign that springs and coils are rubbing together. Another reason for a clinking sound is that you might have a faulty roller. This will eventually make your sectional door malfunction.

Loud Noises

When a sectional door has a broken spring, this can create a very loud sound. When a spring is broken, this will lead to the opener struggling to lift up the door. If the door falls, this can be a safety hazard since sectional doors can be heavy.


A squeaking sectional door will indicate that the door needs a lot of lubrication. The squeaking results from friction when the door moves without lubrication. You may also need to have your hardware adjusted. The best way to have your hardware adjusted is to hire a commercial sectional door repair technician.

Vibrations and Slapping

When a sectional door is vibrating, this is usually because the hardware is becoming loose. In this case, you might hear the sectional door vibrating or slapping. Inspect the chain, hinges, and rollers. Loose chains can produce a slapping noise. If the rollers and hinges are worn out, this will eventually produce a vibrating noise. Also, if the rollers become bent, they will produce a vibrating noise. If the vibrations are coming from nuts and bolts, you'll want to have these corrected as soon as possible because this can become a safety concern.

If you insulate the sectional door, you'll not only reduce energy costs, but you'll also reduce loud noises. Insulation helps to dampen noise. However, if your commercial sectional door is very old, it could be that nothing will reduce the noises generated by the door and you will be better off hiring professionals to replace it.