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Important Things To Know About Garage Door Torsion Springs

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Has your garage door suddenly begun to close more forcefully and sometimes look uneven while it is closing? Although there are various parts attached to a garage door that could cause it to malfunction, the problem you are dealing with might be related to the torsion spring. What you must know before attempting to repair the spring is that it is one of the most dangerous parts to repair on your garage door. You should not attempt to inspect the spring on your own because you do not know how imminent the danger is. If the torsion spring is problematic, invest in a repair as soon as possible because your door will eventually stop opening if you fail to do so.

What Are Signs of Torsion Spring Damage?

A garage door that forcefully closes is one of the common signs that the torsion spring is damaged. However, you should look out for other signs of damage as well, including the door not opening completely. For example, if you use the garage door opener and the door begins to rise but quickly closes, it is a sign that the spring is damaged. When a garage door begins to barely open before closing, it is a sign that the spring is about to stop working altogether. The problem stems from the spring not being as tightly coiled as it needs to be to support the weight of the garage door.

What Makes a Torsion Spring Repair Dangerous?

Repairing a torsion spring is dangerous due to the amount of tension that the spring is under. All it takes is for the door to slip off of the spring for a bad injury to happen. For example, if the door suddenly detaches from the spring during the repair process, the spring will swing out of control due to tension. The swinging happens due to the metal uncoiling and recoiling as it is releasing tension it was under from the weight of the door. Trained professionals should always repair torsion springs.

How Long Does a New Torsion Spring Last?

After a damaged torsion spring has been replaced, the new spring can last for approximately a decade. However, a torsion spring can become worn out before a decade or last longer. The life of the spring will depend on how often your garage door is used, as well as the environment where you reside. For example, a humid environment can cause a metal spring to corrode. How often the spring receives maintenance plays a role in how long it will last as well.

Contact a garage door repair professional to service your torsion spring.