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Annealed And Tempered Glass Products

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Annealed glass and tempered glass are used to manufacture commercial and residential windowpanes and door panels. Glass products are rated based on their physical and thermal properties. Choosing glass for your residence is a preliminary step associated with new home construction.

Annealed Glass

Annealed glass is often referred to as a standard glass product. It undergoes a basic heating and cooling process, which will prevent interior stressors from damaging the glass. The process will ensure that the glass has consistent strength throughout. An annealed glass windowpane will be relatively thin. It may consist of one sheet of glass that is encased within a frame.

Annealed glass is typically installed in basement windows and other windows that are located along lower levels of a home. Annealed glass is commonly used to make tabletops and cabinetry door panels. If your residence is located within a region that typically does not experience high winds, choosing annealed glass products could be cost-effective. Glass products are sold in translucent and tinted formats. After an annealed glass product is made, a craftsman will cut glass pieces to size. Framing the glass is the last part of the manufacturing process.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass undergoes a more complex manufacturing process than annealed glass. First, glass sheets are cut to size. Tempered glass is thicker than annealed glass, due to the number of glass layers that are sealed together. Tempered glass is heated up, in a special heating chamber. Once glass products have cooled, all of the glass pieces that have been attached together will form a singular pane of glass.

A tempering oven heats glass at a high temperature. A high-pressure cooling process is used to cool down glass products rapidly. This process involves the use of cooling nozzles. Glass products can be sanded or polished, without any risk of them breaking. Tempered glass products are usually more expensive than annealed ones. The cost is reflective of the complex manufacturing processes that are used and the multiple glass sections that are essential for preparing each tempered glass pane.

If you live in a hurricane zone or if you reside in a region where stormy weather is common, you may want to equip your new residence with tempered products. Tempered products include clear panes and decorative panes. A custom frame can be used to secure each pane that will be installed. Tempered glass can be installed in window frames that are in your residence, business, garage, pool house, and more.

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