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Bullet-Resistant Doors Are A Must For These Businesses

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When it comes to protecting your business, there's no shortage of steps that you should take. State-of-the-art locks and an advanced security system complete with cameras can go a long way toward deterring robberies, but you should think beyond a simple snatch-and-grab crime to one that involves the use of weapons. While the odds of armed suspects targeting your location and using their weapons in the commission of a crime might be low, you can't take the risk of a member of your team getting harmed. Bullet-resistant doors are an ideal security upgrade that will protect you, even in the event of an attack with assault weapons. Here are some businesses that should strongly consider these doors:


No business likely holds more cash than a bank, which can make it a target for criminals who may seek to enter via the front door or the back door of the location. Locking a door can keep the robbers out, but they could easily shoot their way through a conventional door. A series of bullet-resistant doors will make it difficult or impossible for armed suspects to shoot through the door in an effort to open it or even harm your staff.

Check-Cashing Business

Check-cashing businesses also deal heavily in cash, making them desirable to armed criminals who can make off with a lot of money in a short amount of time. If you run a check-cashing location, you likely have bulletproof glass inside to protect those handling the cash. It's worthwhile to add an extra layer of defense to your business in the form of bullet-resistant doors. This way, you'll be proactive in keeping robbers out of your business, rather than allowing them in and hoping that they can't get through the bulletproof glass that surrounds your employees. If a robber is going to stand outside the business and shoot at the door, you can count on the authorities arriving quickly.

Jewelry Store

A fast robbery of a jewelry store has the potential to yield thousands of dollars in diamonds, gems, and other pieces of jewelry. You can't take this risk, nor can you put your staff and customers alike at risk of being harmed in an armed robbery. Even if you protect your jewelry under heavy glass, you can't take the risk of armed perpetrators getting into the business. Bullet-resistant doors provide the first layer of defense in keeping criminals out.

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