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How To Maintain Wooden Windows

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It seems that most new homes are being built with windows that are made with modern materials like vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum and plastic. Wood is still a popular window material, but it is not the most common. This is largely due to the fact that wood windows require a little more maintenance and upkeep. Wooden windows are still a very practical and energy-efficient window option if you're willing to invest a little more time and money into keeping them up. This article explains the maintenance that is necessary for wooden windows. By understanding the maintenance requirements, you will be able to decide if wooden windows are right for your home.

Keeping Wood Sealed

The key to keeping wooden windows healthy is making sure they're always sealed. Your wooden windows will be painted with waterproof paint not only gives the window its color, but also protects the wood from moisture. If the paint is faded or chipped, moisture can enter the wood and cause serious problems. The main concern with wood is that it expands and contracts when it gets wet. This is very problematic on window sashes because the expansion can cause the glass window pane to become dislodged. A warped window might also have trouble closing, causing it to leak air. This can end up being expensive when you are wasting money trying to heat up for cool down your home, while air is leaking through your windows. So, maintaining the waterproof seal on your windows is not only a matter of aesthetics, it is also a matter of efficiency.

How to Reseal Wooden Sashes

If you need to reseal your wooden sashes, you cannot just get out a paint brush and apply a fresh coat of paint. For an effective repair, you'll first need to sand down the existing paint. You don't need to sand down all of the paint, but you want to smooth it out so the sash is equally rough throughout. At this point your window will be ready to be repainted. Cleaning the narrow sash around the window can be tricky because paint is not absorbed well into hardwood. You will get better results if you use a sparing amount of paint on your brush. This will prevent drips and ensure that the brushstrokes are not too visible when the paint dries.

 If you own wooden sashes and keep them clean, you will not need to repaint them very often. Taking simple preventative measures will ensure that you don't need to constantly reseal your wooden sashes.