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Three Tools You'll Need To Free A Stuck Automatic Sliding Door In Your Business

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For many types of small businesses that need to accommodate a large and steady stream of customers over the course of a working day, a quality set of automatic sliding doors is ideal. But since automatic doors need a lot more moving parts than normal doors to work properly, you'll need to constantly keep possible maintenance issues on your mind. To free an automatic sliding door that gets stuck and prevent more problems with your doors in the future, utilize these three tools.

Large Crowbar

Sometimes, all it takes to free an automatic sliding door from whatever is obstructing it is raising it partially with a large crowbar. If the automatic door is being hampered by one or more pebbles in the tracks underneath it, this is often the only way to fix your problem without getting out a screwdriver and painstakingly disassembling a lot of parts.

Of course, you should be careful not to apply so much force to the door that the rollers holding it to the tracks break off completely. To be safe, instead of immediately applying all the force you can with the crowbar, slowly increase the pressure you're putting on the tool until you can see that the door is moving again.

Bleach Or Dishwasher Soap

Dirt and dust buildup is another possible culprit for the stuck automatic door. In this case, you're going to need a relatively strong chemical mixture like bleach or dishwasher soap if you want to thoroughly clean the tracks and make sure that the door doesn't simply get stuck again soon after you free it.

If the track for your automatic doors is very old, cleaning chemicals should also clear off small clumps of debris. The result will be that in addition to not becoming stuck anymore, your doors will open and close much more quickly and smoothly than they did previously.

Leaf Blower Or Hair Dryer

Unless you want to completely remove your automatic sliding doors from their track, dust and dirt will still linger in crevices that you can't reach with a towel or brush. Over time, this dirt and dust will float away from crevices and settle where it can do a lot of harm to your automatic doors.

Luckily, blowing air over the entirety of the track with a leaf blower or hair dryer is usually enough to reduce dust and dirt in hard to reach crevices to negligible amounts.

There's no reason to overreact whenever you have to deal with an automatic sliding door issue. With the right tools and a dollop of determination, even door problems that seem insurmountable on their surface often turn out to be easy to deal with. Contact a business like All Kind Door Services Ltd if you have questions about the functionality of your business' current door or are interested in installing something new.